Friday, January 23, 2009

Slow and Steady hopefully wins the race..


It has been a fairly quiet week in fundraising land. We are trying everything to try and raise the money I need to go to Yangzhou. We have made some bracelets with beads, sold lollipops at school, did a Guess how many candies in the heart shaped jar? and of course our raffle tickets. My mom keeps telling me that "Slow and steady wins the Race" and I hope she is right. We have less than 4 weeks to go before the deadline of February 21, 2009. Raffle tickets sales have been slow. I have been selling some of my too cute teddy bears and we received some donations from some generous people. Thank you! We are almost half the way there. That is great news! My Mom has also worked with the wonderful people at Aeroplan and we now have an account set up if generous people out there would like to donate Aeroplan miles(Air Canada), if we reach enough to buy a plane ticket that would be amazing. Contact my mom if you are interested in doing that as she needs you to fill in a form.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Kennedy - I tried to get you to the half way oint, not sure it worked with the conversion though. If you do not make it, do not return this to me; please instead send it to your orphanage for the children left there.

    And Kennedy you are a remarkable young woman to take the initiative in raising this money yourself. Because of this, I have awarded you the Lemonade award for your initiative.

    In His peace - Cindy
    MoM(Mom of Many)

  2. Hi Kennedy,
    I can't donate as much as I would like, but every little bit helps. I think what you're doing is wonderful. We took our daughter to visit her orphanage in 2007, so I know how important this trip is for you. Best of luck! By the way, I also posted about your fundraising efforts on my blog. If you'd rather I not have it on there, let me know and I'll remove it.
    ~LJ Rodgers