Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Wonderful Exciting Adventure Awaits.....in Yangzhou, Jiangsu China

Hi everyone,

My name is Kennedy and I was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu in China. I was adopted at the age of 6 months old. I am the oldest in my family. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. So that is right 6 of us! We all joined our family through adoption. Today in the mail I received an invitation to go to China and celebrate with the Yangzhou Children's Social Welfare Institute their 20 years of helping children find their families as well as completing their new children's building.

The week will be filled with wonderful activities, calligraphy, a visit to the China Center of Adoption affairs in Beijing(the wonderful people/place who matched my file with my parents file). I will get to tour the Great Wall And the Forbidden City. Then we will head to Yangzhou where we will stay for 4 days. The party in Yangzhou would include a grand and welcome ceremony for all of the children who were adopted from Yangzhou, a visit to the orphanage to learn about its development and a trip to the Canal Scenery Belt and Slender West Lake. I would be able to enjoy the great cuisine of Yangzhou and meet some wonderful people from my hometown. I would get to play with the waiting children in the orphanage and we would plant trees together which would represent our everlasting friendship. I would be an honored guest for the anniversary ceremony.

The Trip is from March 14 to March 21st and I would looooooooove to go....

The trip is very expensive but I would love to go with one of my parents. My parents have told me that they can afford to give me $1500 towards the trip but the rest I would have to raise. So I need to raise $3300 dollars (oh my that is a lot!!).

I could really use your help!!! Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Me and my parents are trying to think of all kinds of ideas for fundraising so I will be able to attend this wonderful week in Yangzhou. Check back with my blog and see what we have come up with.

You can make donations via paypal(www.paypal.com) to my Mom's email address(chinamum@videotron.ca)or a cheque would be great as well, I have my own bank account and will be putting the money in there for the big trip if I am lucky enough to raise the rest.

Thank you for reading my blog...and if you can help me to get to China..that would be just wonderful! It is a chance of a lifetime for me to go back with other kids from around the world who are adopted like me.

Here would be our itineray in China:

Yangzhou Reunion Activity Itinerary

March 14 Arrive in Beijing, check in at the hotel and take a rest

March 15 Tour to the Great Wall and visit Olympic Venues

March 16 Morning Learn Tai-Chi at a local park, Visit CCAA, and welcoming party at BLAS

Afternoon Visit Tian’an Men Square and Forbidden City

March 17 Go to Nanjing by air and drive to Yangzhou

March 18 Morning Welcoming party at Yangzhou CWI, visit the orphanage, and view the adoption files

Afternoon Anniversary ceremony, play with the waiting children and make dumplings at the orphanage

March 19 Morning Have local food for breakfast

Visit the Canal Scenery Belt and fly kites

Afternoon Visit Slender West Lake and Daming Temple, and Yangzhou toy industry which is very famous abroad

March 20 Morning Visit Ge Garden, learn paper-cutting and get local featured clothes for souvenir

Visit Yangzhou University and go shopping at a local market

Afternoon Farewell ceremony at Yangzhou CWI and plant trees

March 21 Morning Drive to Nanjing to fly to Beijing and leave for home

Hugs and thank you so much! Every dollar gets me 1 step closer to Yangzhou!

Just a little note: If we do not reach our goal than of course all donations will be returned to those who kindly helped us.